Waterfront Buyer Guide

Waterfront Buyer Guide

What’s in the Waterfront Buyer Guide?

Statistics, Trends & Analysis

Get waterfront market updates from our experienced industry expert. Learn more about home values, market demand, and sales forecasts. This monthly update will help you make critical decisions about when to buy and sell and help you protect your most precious investment. We want to do the dirty work so that you can sit back and enjoy the peaceful waterfront lifestyle.

Current Waterfront Inventory

Get a list of current market inventory, complete with our expert analysis. We’ll tell you about the unique features and characteristics of some of Olympia’s finest properties. Don’t just rely on the photos you see online. Our waterfront specialist will share first hand experience touring these waterfront properties.

Ideas for Waterfront Living

One of the perks of selling waterfront real estate is that we are able to see some of the hottest trends in interior design, architecture and home decor. We’ll pass along some of the industry trends for making the most of your waterfront property. Hear from designers, real estate pros, and staging experts and get ideas for sprucing up your home!

Financial Advice

Read about financial market trends and how they may impact you. Our financial partners will break down trends in the markets that can impact home values and give you valuable insight about when to buy, when to sell and when to hold on to your real estate investments.

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